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'Fat Fast' -A version of Atkins - number crunching ...
Hi all :) First day of my diet :d ...anyone heard of or tried the 'fat fast' diet? :shock: It sounded fabulous 8) (you can eat chocolate! & coconut oil etc), but , sadly, being pretty ...
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started by DedicatedLisa, 6 years ago.   
heart rate
So i want to be in shape b4 the tour the france juli 2015... I have been looking into some programms the big athletes use nowadays to get into shape b4 a great challenge or race... first i noticed is ...
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started by puhpine.   
stuck at 182, want 175
Been at 182 for four months now. fat % is about 16.5%, and I want to lose another 7 lbs. Still motivated to eat well an lose weight, but can't seem to drop more. It's gonna take stepping up ...
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started by Bopuc.   
Chronograph/CountDown/Calorie & Exercise Timers
Hey Geek Buddies!:lol: I am trying to learn how to operate my new heart rate monitor & need your help! It is a Sportline S7 Heart Rate + Calorie Monitor. I think I have figured all the different ...
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started by myawethinTICself.   
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to my pals from the U.S.! Enjoy the day, but remember to even it out with lighter days afterwards! I hope you have a warm and restful week with family and friends. Bill
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started by Draglist.   
I would like to create a challenge for our group and wondered who would be interested?
I am going to start a challenge to increase lift weight by 10 pounds or roughly 3/4 stone. My weights have gradually been increasing, but I was slacking for a long time and I am finally putting myself ...
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started by G3ntl3man.   
Profess Your June Working Thesis
reverse psychology: I want to loose 4.7 kilo before 18 juli. if NM is right and 3500 kcal deficit means the loss of approximately a pound, i must have a total deficit of 3500 * 10.36 (10.36 POUNDS = ...
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started by puhpine.   
Crunch My Numbers
Hello! How much will I weigh when my yellow weight history turns to green? Red zone: November 25 - Start weight 202 lbs. Orange zone: February 25 - 185 lbs. Yellow zone: April 30 - 172.2 lbs. Goal ...
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started by Deb_N.   
New to the Group _ Alex_is_Hawks
Good Morning, Thank you for the add to the group. A little about me in the way of an introductory. I'm a 39 year old (young?) woman (womyn?) who lives in Canada. I'm currently looking to ...
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started by Alex_is_Hawks.   
% Body fat
I know there are a few people who have reached their goal weight and are trying to get their body fat to a particular %. It is not important to me, if by the end of July I am under 220 lb I will be h ...
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started by slackpat.   
high protein / low fat?
So, what foods are pure proteins? My #'s are all off! I'm trying to hit 130gr proteins, but not more than 50gr fats and I don't know how to make that happen? And I don't want to feel ...
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started by Tulipgirl6.   
fat from frying
Hi, Does anyone know how to determine how much fat food absorbs when it is fried? I suppose if you put 4 Tbsp olive oil in a pan, fry it, and measure how much is left you could assume the food absorbed ...
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started by ny_shelly.   
Acid vs. Alkaline
Hi Everyone, So my new thing I'm reading up on is acid vs. alkaline and the ph balance of foods and our bodies. I've been watching what I eat for several months now and lost almost 50 lbs, and ...
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started by Tulipgirl6.   
Introduce yourself to the group here.
Hi, I'm Bruce, but you can call me NM if you wish. I'm in my 50s and have just lost about 65 pounds. I'm currently at about 12% body fat. During the course of my loss I used one diet, The Zone ...
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started by northernmusician.   
Water Retention
I was interested in body composition and natural diuretics came across this artice, I thought it was interesting that drinking water is a natural diuretic.
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started by slackpat.   

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