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Posted: 22 May 2016, 15:53
Hey people,

I want to be sure I am accurately calculating my BMR using the Katch Mcardle Formula. If I understand correctly, it is LBM - converted to kg. - then put in the calculation
BMR = 370 + (21.6 * LBM)

So, I know my LBM is 122.5 lbs and converts to 122.5/2.2 = 55.6kgs.

BMR = 370 + (21.6 * 55.6)= 1570.96 calories per day

Once I have my BMR, I calculated my TDEE by multiplying it by 1.35 to account for my weekly exercise, right?

1570.96 * 1.35 = 2129.96 calories per day.

So, I log around 1300 calories but bet it is more like 1400-1500 calories since counts are seldom perfectly accurate - this still gives me a deficit of at least 500-600 calories each day.

Am I understanding this correctly? Any other ideas or suggestions for me? NM? Jimmiepop?
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