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Have a great leg day routine that you love and want to share? That great cutting cycle diet that burns maximum fat and minimal muscle mass? struggling to meet your macro needs?

Let's help each other progress and get those gains we so desire, whether it be at the gym or in the kitchen!


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Do you agree that the swim strokes in descending order for calories burned are the following competitive strokes: (1) butterfly(2) freestyle (3) backstroke (4) breast stroke
by lcdrpapa on 13 Mar 18 10:55 PM
Cross training/Weight lifting shoes? Anyone use them?
Joined because I really wanted to comment here about those toe shoes. Years back I was a faithful runner. 3 miles per day, every day. I started feeling pain during my run, like something in my shoe, but ...
by PicklesPickles on 05 Nov 16 06:23 AM
Water Rentention After Strength Training
Yes. thank you Bill. I tend to workout every other day sand then have a back to back when I alternate and add more HIIT on the rower or elliptical. I drink one gallon of water a day - easy in summer!
by HCB on 04 Aug 16 08:55 AM
A Great Debate - what builds muscle best?
LOL @ Chadlius - I doubt I will ever look like a body builder - but I am working to lose more body fat, increase strength and size. We tend to do pyramid reps - so I switch the weight depending on the ...
by HCB on 24 May 16 09:48 PM
Calculating BMR ?
Hey people, I want to be sure I am accurately calculating my BMR using the Katch Mcardle Formula. If I understand correctly, it is LBM - converted to kg. - then put in the calculation BMR = 370 + (21.6 ...
by HCB on 22 May 16 03:53 PM

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8 weeks of progress. Body composition changes make me happy.
by Brian Max
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by willcole1
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