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Do you agree that the swim strokes in descending order for calories burned are the following competitive strokes: (1) butterfly(2) freestyle (3) backstroke (4) breast stroke
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Cross training/Weight lifting shoes? Anyone use them?
I got a $100 gift card on my birthday and of course started to see what else I could get for the gym... Any of you folks wear special weight training shoes? They usually have lower heels and more support ...
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Water Rentention After Strength Training
Hey guys, Sometimes I bump up three or four pounds the day after weight lifting and have read that trained muscles retain water during the repair phase - what do you all think? Truth?
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A Great Debate - what builds muscle best?
Hey there! I download all kinds of fitness books to my iPod and listen avidly. Tom Venuto, Lou Schuler, Mark Rippetoe, Michael Matthews, Alan Aragon, etc. Some say always go heavy doing 4-6 reps to ...
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Calculating BMR ?
Hey people, I want to be sure I am accurately calculating my BMR using the Katch Mcardle Formula. If I understand correctly, it is LBM - converted to kg. - then put in the calculation BMR = 370 + (21.6 ...
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How to clean like a man
Power cleans 1 2 3 4 ...
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Does this seem OK?
Greetings Forum: So, at Orange Theory Fitness we do HIIT on rowing machines (love), treadmill (hate) and elliptical (also love). We do sprint all outs, and then back to base, then sprint and repeat. ...
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cutting and bulking
Hi! I think this group is just what I needed :) I could google but how do you cut and when and why and when do you bulk and how and when and why? I do the beach body Master's Hammer and Chisel pro ...
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How I train for strength - The West-side Conjugate Method
The conjugate method runs off of a very simple concept, it’s all about training to improve your weak points in the “big 3”; the barbell squat, the barbell bench press, and the barbell deadlift. The Co ...
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started by chadlius88, 3 years ago.   

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