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Carlys Mom

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Posted: 30 Mar 2012, 04:55
I think this topic came up here before. I'm getting a little weary of the whole "paleo" community. I only read the blogs for the nutrition and exercise information. I don't find any particular connection to the paleo community, which seems to be coalescing around young men showing off their six packs. I recently came across this gem, Paleo Women are Phat!,on the blog, Ancestralize Me, which makes a very sound argument about "paleo" women and body composition.

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Posted: 02 Apr 2012, 03:45
I was a bit off put by the maleness and the competetiveness of it all. So many of the blogs etc are around getting "ripped"
Personally I think its a great way to eat but refuse to become obsessed with body image.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2012, 15:28
This is a brilliant blog post, thank you!

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