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Posted: 01 May 2011, 23:51
Daily Nutrient is a simple nutrient tracker for FatSecret users. After authentication, FatSecret Users can see their nutrient intake real-timely. Users also can compare their daily nutrient intake with USDA Food Guide. So it's quite easy for them to know the qualities of their food intake. For example, If you find your Calcium intake is low, you can take a Calcium softgel and see whether your Calcium intake is enough. In addition, you can set your calorie goal, Daily Nutrient will reset a personal USDA nutrient standard for you.

In the beginning, I just want to build it to track my nutrient. But I find it may be useful for all of us. I hope you will like Daily Nutrient. Eat healthier and happier. If you have any suggestion, please email to

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