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How can I translate weight loss resources on my mobile?
Hey guys! I have a huge problem. I don't know what's wrong with my mobile, but every time I search something on Google, I find resources in foreign languages (French, Spanish, I'm not very ...
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started by anne_winters.   
no answers to post
Am I not posting correctly? Seems I do not get a response. Ibelieve I'm a good person and wwas hoping for helpful answers and friendships.
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started by nana2699.   
Cardio Trainer and Calorie Counter
Is anyone using both of these apps? I'm trying to find a way to track all of my caloric needs and fitness without a lot of duplication of efforts. Anyone importing or exporting data between the two ...
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started by the_dza.   
DailyNutrient -- A simple tool for Android Users
Daily Nutrient is a simple nutrient tracker for FatSecret users. After authentication, FatSecret Users can see their nutrient intake real-timely. Users also can compare their daily nutrient intake with ...
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started by zad, 7 years ago.   
anyone having trouble with their fat secret app?
Mine won't load any of my info anymore and won't sync! :( Going to try uninstalling and reinstalling
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started by Mynx, 7 years ago.   
not eating
I have had a bug and not will this effect me?? Today feeling better,but sot very hungry. even before I got sick somedays I really had no urge to eat all that we need to on Atkins.Will this ...
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started by nana2699, 7 years ago.   
:) Hi to all! It's so hard to counting the calories.....
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started by catstone.   
Water tracker app?
If this app tracks water, I cant find where it does. If it doesn't then what app do fellow android users recommend?
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started by nightsapper.   
Where did Calorie Counter go???
I had calorie counter on my G1, I LOVED it, but I upgraded to a myTouch and now I can't find it on the Android Market... where did it go???
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started by sunshineLGKJ.   
Just found the site via the app
Have been a long time, occasional user of fitday, but this tracker is SO much easier. Started this past weekend, and have only had the phone for a month. I'm on a Droid x with android 2.1. The ...
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started by catzcradle.   
the calorie counter app
I also have this app for my blackberry curve but i can't seem to sync it with my Pc does anybody out there know how? it would be greatly appreciated if i knew how to sync it if anyone is knowledgeable ...
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started by MR JAY, 8 years ago.   
Updating Challenges
Is there a way to update challenges through this app?
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started by Theresa13, 8 years ago.   
Is there any way to change the food diary?
For those that have to eat 5 or 6 smaller times a day, the "Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack" doesn't cut it. Also, I would LOVE to have it track *when* I am eating, so I can see when I eat ...
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started by nightsapper, 8 years ago.   
Anyone upgrading?
Is anyone getting a new phone and want to unload their G1? My son likes mine and its getting too beat up to use. Thanks
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started by Mornis, 8 years ago.   
Hello, my first day dieting. Want to lose atleast ten pounds before fall.
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started by Mimi617, 8 years ago.