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This site is primarily for those who are following or are interested in a more paleo/PaNu type of way of eating.


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The Paleo is the only way to your health!
I just joined this group but I've been living this way on an off for a while. Last month I decided go Paleo 100%. I'm following the recommendation of Dr. Chris Kresser outlined in his book &q ...
by Antares1119 on 12 Apr 15 05:11 PM
I am watching the pounds DROP
You are doing great! It is a bit a switch from the standard American diet, but I also feel so much better on paleo. Congrats on your weight loss and especially your health!
by Raylynn82 on 25 Jan 15 11:59 AM
21 Day Challenge
Mark's Daily Apple has a 21 day challenge beginning soon and you can download the app to Iphone or desktop (I think), here 21 Day Challenge :d
by Rindaloo on 07 Jan 15 03:52 AM
I eat differently than you all, as I'm vegan, but I'm mostly vegan paleo, i.e. low carb. Sometimes I have oily urine, but today, for the first time, it was foamy as well as oily. I read that's ...
by JW4444 on 02 Jan 15 12:37 PM
Hi, hoping I don't make too many mistakes.
Correction: I now realise I do get some notifications. Fatsecret seems to be improving all the time. Oh and I now have the app on my tab and my phone and I am very impressed with it. I visited the ...
by Rindaloo on 16 Dec 14 04:41 AM

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