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Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 15:40
I am not a person with food allergies, but I am a breast feeding mother of a baby with food allergies. With my first child, she was only sensitive to dairy proteins. But with my son, I cannot have dairy or soy. Luckily, he has no problems if I eat gluten. It is amazing how much food is taken out of the equation with the loss of these two proteins. I have noticed that I really feel deprived and thus I have gone overboard with eating anything and everything I can (oh, homemade tortillas made with lard, you are my downfall). I am slowly learning how to be better focused on eating healthy. With work, a toddler, a new baby, and a home to take care of, it is very difficult to have time to cook every meal from scratch. Any ideas of quick and easy meals for the family that are both soy and dairy free?
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