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Posted: 18 May 2015, 21:32
Been losing weight slowly, steadily, with the occasional, temporary setbacks, of course (usually holiday/celebration related). I've gone from 243 (Oct. of 2013) to my not-quite svelte, current weight of 177 lbs. Got another 47 lbs to go.

Recently, I was gleeful to hear from an old friend of ours that she was getting back into running a D&D game... especially since my man and I haven't played D&D since 2001.

We're now into our 4th meeting of our (large) D&D gaming group... and... oiy vey. Doubt Confused

Our GM (and again, very good friend) is... uhh...a very mediocre GM. She's easily distracted, takes a long time to get through not only combat, but all character interactions, and is just...uhm... boring. Sad

Most of the time, while we're there, I find myself wishing I could be back home or out doing something less tedious. All of us (players and DM) are quite role-play driven (though we luv combat, as well!), and our DM encourages lots of RP interaction between our characters...and even awards extra experience for good RP. The problem is... since her own RP is so bland, it doesn't really encourage any of us to be much more interactive. You need to have NPCs to bounce your own characters off of...and it just isn't there. Crying or Very sad

It certainly doesn't help that our group is big (depending on the weekend, anywhere from 5-10 people in attendance). It also is tough on all of us that 2 members are not adults (one pre-teen and one teen) both of whom are ADD, OCD, and likely Aspergers. Lots of focus issues, there, and then pair this with a distractable DM... Yikes.

Another player is in and out of the room constantly, as she's either got another thing going on (usually taking care of her elderly mom), or something else on the stove, so-to-speak. Yet another player seems to prefer gaming via Skype.

Add all of this together... and I'm moving towards the pulling my hair out phase of frustration. Even my very sweet and forgiving hubby told me that he feels like he's going, at this point, pretty much to see our good friend only...not gaming. Crying or Very sad

We've both been rather 'spoiled' by having had many previous GM's and DM's who were EXCELLENT role players and focused 'directors' of their campaigns, having created an experience we very much looked forward to having every week.

I just do not know what to do, at this rate, given that this set up is unlikely to ever change...and neither of us wants to hurt our dear friend.

Ungh. Crying or Very sad Sad


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Posted: 08 Jun 2015, 23:06
I wish I had advice for you. My gaming group is also an excuse to see friends regularly, with the game there to smooth over any lulls in conversation. Some weeks we get a lot of gaming in and other weeks we get a lot of socializing in, haha.

When I want a good RP fix, I tend to just go to a small, local convention. I see some of the same people over and over again, but since we only know each other from the table, it's always business, so to speak.

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