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Your characters can stay healthy and attractive while eating Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream all day, but you'll have to work for your own athletic body. This group is for gamers looking to lose weight and get healthier while still enjoying pen & paper, video, trading card and all other types of games. We'll discuss the unique challenges we face including regularly hanging out with other gamers who are content to have a beer belly covered in cheese curl dust.


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Long time gamer here
Hello fellow gamers. I play board games, d&d and magic the gathering mostly. I've played ddo, but decide to stop playing mmos so I could focus on the game of weight loss which I am very bad at. ...
by GamingMike on 04 Jun 17 06:04 PM
Introduction, any Ingress-players
i'm off to look it up imrael :) i feel excited about it !
by paddy0099 on 08 Dec 16 07:13 PM
Meir Ezra: How to set great goals
"No man is happy without a goal, and no man can be happy without faith in his own ability to reach that goal." Personal and Family Goal Examples: Reduce stress, feel more confident, find more ...
by marashantel on 28 Aug 15 07:57 PM
Blargh...and it's not about my weight. :/
I wish I had advice for you. My gaming group is also an excuse to see friends regularly, with the game there to smooth over any lulls in conversation. Some weeks we get a lot of gaming in and other weeks ...
by healsdata on 08 Jun 15 11:06 PM
Hi, My Name is...
I am a gamer also, I play DnD when I can with some friends, right now I am playing bloodborne on PS4. Totally awesome game.
by shinzen on 26 May 15 06:17 AM

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