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Written by Dr. Judith S. Beck it is the first book to utilize proven Cognitive Therapy techniques for dieting, 'The Beck Diet solution' is a breakthrough approach for anyone truly serious about making long-term lifestyle changes and losing weight permanently.
Based on more than 20 years experience successfully counseling dieters in her practice, Dr. Judith Beck's six-week step-by-step Cognitive training your brain to "think like a thin person." It will give you the mental and emotional tools you need to stick with any diet you choose, lose weight, and keep it off forever.

"The Beck Diet solution trains your brain to lose weight. It works!"--Denise Austin, author of 'Tone Your Tummy Type' and editor-in-chief of DeniseAustin.com

'The Beck Diet Solution' is a remarkable six-week program that gives you all the tools you need to "train your brain to think like a thin person."; This breakthrough approach-which works in tandem with any nutritional diet plan--shows you how to make the kinds of positive, long-term thinking and behavioral changes necessary to lose weight and to maintain your weight loss, not just for the short run but for the rest of your life!

You will discover Dr. Beck's strategies for ensuring long-term weight loss--based on over 20 years of successfully coaching dieters in her practice--including ways to:
-Learn to stick to any diet.
-Make cravings go away--fast!
-Resist tempting foods.
-Deal with "trigger" eating situations.
-Say, "no, thank you," to food pushers.
-Put an end to emotional eating.
-Conquer every excuse to overeat.
-Find time to exercise.
-Lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime!

Give yourself the mental and emotional foundation you need to succeed with 'The Beck Diet Solution.'


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Day 3
I always get stuck on this one i find it hard to not eat anything while standing. Can i continue to day 4 without mastering day 3?
by loligoss on 21 Apr 16 06:02 PM
New member
Hi everyone!! I am new to the website. Wondered if anyone here is doing or has done the whole program me??
by my weight loss diary on 17 Dec 13 05:55 PM
Still doing the programme?
HI, i've just started, now on day 5. Anyone out there still following the programme? Anyone with a great encouraging success story :) ?
by hpmc on 21 Jun 13 08:18 AM
New Member :)
LMAO!! :D In my mind, you are physically the woman you will be at goal--and in that lil black dress to boot! ;)
by Rachelb23 on 19 Jan 12 10:55 AM
Day 10. Make dieting easier by focusing on 5 lbs at a time
I made my first five-lb goal. three more to go!
by Athena63 on 12 Nov 11 04:04 PM

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