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Jean Mc

Joined: Nov 11
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Posted: 08 Aug 2017, 16:42
I reckon that the reason why there was no feminist group on FS is that focus on weight loss an being thin is a kind of anti-feminist concept.
That said, I'm losing weight to be healthy (and I'm definitely a feminist) so I reckon I'm qualified Smile

PS: I suspect that women under 30 don't understand the concept of a feminist.
'til the bridge you will need be formed. 'til the ductile anchor hold. 'til the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere - oh my soul". Walt Whitman - 'The Noiseless Patient Spider'

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Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 13:06
You are so right Jean. The women under 30 were born with different ideals then we were. At 73 I can say I have been a feminists all my adult life. My mother was a stay at home Mom, but I never had that privilege.

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