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Some things never change
When I was a girl in high school, I was a good athlete. Basketball, track, vollyball, softball, everything that was offered. Cheerleading???? No, that was for the petite pretty girls. Although I was ...
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started by diehard3.   
Here we are and none of us are posting!
I will get us started. Today it is warm and good to be outside. I lost a half pound after a weeks work and I am encouraged about it. Do you ever have those days when you wish you could eat anything ...
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started by diehard3.   
Ladies i was just at my house and my boyfriend told me i was too fat so i punched him and now hes not waking up. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I AM SO SCARED!!!??!
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started by arianacollins-miller1, 2 years ago.   
One thing about being overweight most of my adult life, I was never the object of Sexual Harrassment
I think I was discriminated against though. In my own mind, I didn't have the same advantages as the more popular girls. Our family was poor, but we were very happy and never really felt like we ...
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started by diehard3, 3 years ago.   
Hello feminists
I reckon that the reason why there was no feminist group on FS is that focus on weight loss an being thin is a kind of anti-feminist concept. That said, I'm losing weight to be healthy (and I'm ...
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started by Jean Mc.   
positive self image
happy that this group is here, and by the size of the membership it looks like many other are, too. More so than with men, I think it's hard for women to have a positive self image when you have b ...
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started by sambtween, 5 years ago.   
Sweet tooth
I have a horrible sweet tooth. Without fail around 8pm I start to crave chocolate. How do I fix this????
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started by Luvmyboobie.   
Hello, and I'm really excited about being a part of the group. We as women always have so much to talk about and so much to share. I'm at a happy place in my life and it feels so good. Everything ...
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started by carpediem215, 6 years ago.   
Getting to know you
So as we slowly expand, I thought we'd play one of those stupid icebreaker games. Tell everyone your name and a few random facts about yourself :-) Um. I'm Seph, and I live in south-east London ...
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started by Persephone Hazard.   
Attention Ladies! Lets share out concerns!
I always wanted a female community group on fatsecret, and it is surprising actually, that it was made a long time ago. I wanted to create a topic where we can all just share our concerns, because se ...
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started by MochiMango, 6 years ago.   
Stress and No Weightloss
Wondering if anyone has experienced not being able to lose weight because of stress? Been at it for over 8 weeks. I am a large woman, started at 211. Only four days where I really blew it. Other days ...
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started by Nor Cali.   
I am starting yet again on the ever evolving battle of helping my body be the best it can be...also known as the "battle to make my jeans be a style and not a turnequet of death" :evil: My body ...
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started by kckc.   
Paleo Sexism
I find myself struggling when I read Mark's Daily Apple and other Primal/Paleo food sites by the whole "caveman" thing. Grok is so very definitely male. And who thinks "Grokette" ...
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started by Rowanfair, 9 years ago.   

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