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Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
-Michael Pollan

Feel free to join if you are curious in, or currently practice, vegetarianism or veganism as a lifestyle.

Ask questions, contribute to discussions, and let us know what is working or not working for you along your journey. What are your ultimate goals and why?

Share references, favorite stores, favorite products, favorite recipes.

What kind of fitness routine do you pair with your diet? What are your ultimate goals? Are you a 'no meat athlete'?

Are you making these lifestyle choices in conjunction with losing weight, or improving health? How has a change in diet worked for you? What hasn't worked?

Be respectful to other members, especially those who may have different beliefs than yourself. There is no right or wrong diet for anyone, these are individual choices. Feel free to explain why you make such choices for yourself but please be respectful and do not criticize others choices.


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Stomach feels like a bottomless pit and eating late
I often want a hot meal around 10 at night. I found a pack of either tofu shiritaki noodles or konjac root noodles (each has only about 25 calories for the whole plateful!! ....and a whack of sliced ...
by haunches on 05 Feb 18 11:14 PM
just joining :)
Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to fat secret and am just joining this group today. I've been vegetarian for almost 4 years, but had difficulty with my weight since I was a young child. Well, th ...
by dogmom3 on 31 May 13 07:05 AM
Day One
Any tips?
by California Foodie on 31 May 13 03:08 AM
off and on
I have attempted vegetarianism off and on. In high school it was too difficult because of the school food and no time to make my own lunch. My family are very big meat eaters so it makes it very hard to ...
by BJReetz on 05 Apr 13 11:12 AM
Sources of Protein
Quinoa!! The miracle food! It's a grain and a COMPLETE protein (unlike soy) which means you get all those yummy amino acids your body needs!
by kermode on 19 Apr 12 12:39 PM

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Grilled veggie burger on Swiss Chard-no bread
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Lentil Kale Soup
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