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Posted: 26 Aug 2016, 06:05
1.After each meal or snack, do not sit on a chair,bed,etc... do something around the house or walk for 30 minutes.By doing this, you don't allow all the calories that you've consumed... to build on your body.
2.If you are home relaxing, do not stay all day in bed -cook, clean... etc.
3.Drink lot of liquid (water, tea without sugar).If you see at night that your urine is still yellow, it means that you didn't drank too much water to eliminate the toxins from your body.
4.Do not drink water and if its possible, do not speak while you eat.
5.Drink liquid with 15 minutes before you eat, or after you eat with 15 minutes. Its not good for your health to drink while you eat, exactly before or after.
6.Drink before bed time, warm water+honey+lemon.Its good drinking warm water prior to bedtime will relieve all toxins in the body and also for skin.It also stimulates good digestion and circulation.
7.Drink water+lemon in the morning.
8.Eat as much as you want but not until you are feeling too full that you feel, you cannot move anymore.
9.Eat fruits on you empty stomach before a meal, with 20-30 minutes or after 1/2 hours after a meal.
10.If you want to do exercises, you can make everyday or 5 days a week between 30/90 minutes.

Hope that they will help you.
Good luck!


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Posted: 28 Aug 2016, 19:35
Question: why do you say it's not healthy to drink water while eating, before eating or after eating? It's actually really good for digestion to take sips of water between bites, and to drink 8-16oz. of water 15-30 mins. before a meal because it helps to fill you up so you don't eat as much as you would.
I don't think you should eat as much as you want. PORTION SIZES!
Don't give up what you want MOST, for what you want at the MOMENT.