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Posted: 31 Oct 2013, 11:56
Hello, I started the Flat Belly Diet 4 days ago. The first 4 days you are to keep you calorie intake at 1200. I lost 7 lbs of water weight.

Now for the next 30 days I will move to 1600 calories. Every meal consists of Monounsaturated Fats. I really have enjoyed it up to this point as it gives me the freedom to work it the way that is best for me. I try to have between 375-400 calories at each meal. I have not started my exercising yet but I will add that in next week.
Mona O

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Posted: 24 Nov 2013, 07:58
I like this, I will try it. thanks for the tip, especially that i am already keeping it to 1200 Kcal or less/day!

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Posted: 30 Nov 2014, 09:53
If not us, who? If not now, when?