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Sticky: How many calories per day?
The number of calories you burn in 24 hours is called your "BMR". This site is horrible about determining your target caloric intake per day, so go to google, type in "BMR calculator" ...
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Sticky: The #1 rule:
For as long as you consider yourself "on a diet", keep up your food journal. It's way too easy to miscalculate your intake in your head. You are your own worst enemy. Always size up meals ...
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10 tricks that I do to loose weight or mantain my weight
1.After each meal or snack, do not sit on a chair,bed,etc... do something around the house or walk for 30 minutes.By doing this, you don't allow all the calories that you've consumed... to build ...
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Diet Tip
Arrange your kitchen counters, cabinets and pantry so that it makes it easier for you to get to what is needed to cook healthy meals. I know it's obvious....which is why my food processor was in an ...
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Just getting started
Hello, I started the Flat Belly Diet 4 days ago. The first 4 days you are to keep you calorie intake at 1200. I lost 7 lbs of water weight. Now for the next 30 days I will move to 1600 calories. Every ...
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need a buddie
hi anyone out there seniors I would like to have a buddie in my age group if possible:(
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If you like what you're eating , keep on chewing it! Gerald Butler says so :D
I was watching the Bounty Hunter and I stumbled upon some awesome eating advice. Aniston's character asks Butler's: "Are you going to swallow that any time soon?" And he says: " ...
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Remaining at the same weight
Hi all, I ve been on a diet for about 3 months. the diet basically consists of trying to keep my calorie intake less than 1644 but not lower than 1200. I tend to have an off day where I usually gobble ...
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started by Bettaaaaa, 5 years ago.   
submitting on the food diary
Sometimes I Submit food in my diary before I eat it, so I can see where the carbs and the calories take me, sometimes, I end up making a better decision and I will change it before the food goes in my ...
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Hey, check this article out: Why women should not run.
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Read "Women, Food and God" by Geneen Roth
I have fallen in love with this book!!! And whole-heartedly recommend it to every girl and woman who has ever gone on a diet. Geneen Roth talks about compulsive eating, anorexia and bulimic tendencies ...
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started by MariaDe.   
Hey weight loss fam.. I was told by a weight loss surgeon that we as people must take small bites and chew our food a minimum total of sixteen (16) times before we swallow. That improves the digestion ...
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Weight Loss
I am trying Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract 800 mg and Sensa to my weight loss program. Has anyone tried this combination?
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Always hungry!
Does anyone have ideas on controlling your appetite? I try eating small meals through out the day, drink lots of Perrier (fills up the stomach), nuts and apple cider vinegar/honey in water.
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Hello - I read that if one really wants to change a habit, part of the equation involves community and accountability. So basically, keeping in touch via forums, having regular weigh-ins, etc. I guess ...
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