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A group for people that suffer with chronic pain, and other debilitating conditions. Everyone, and anyone, regardless of race, gender, or orientation is welcome to the group.

Founded, for those that have a common problem with chronic pain, and other conditions which prohibit conventional movement.

Please come in, and share your story - current, and past with the group.

We all struggle on a daily basis - those that suffer with any form of chronic pain understand the difficulty that life brings on a daily basis.

Suffering from a condition that causes great pain makes it difficult to move around to accomplish the simple things that life brings. This results in decreased movement, muscle degeneration - and of course, weight gain.

So come in, take a seat - and chat it up!


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Losing weight while on meds that cause weight gain
Hi everybody! I have trigeminal neuralgia, damage to my facial nerve caused by a botched root canal that has lead to year of pain. It took almost two years to diagnose, and during that time I was on heavy ...
by raving_liberal on 03 Jan 15 03:08 PM
new member
I have a degenerative disc and Joint disease. I have had 14 Orthopedic surgeries, 3 since March. Told my DR that I needed at least a year surgery free or I was going to end up in a padded room drooling ...
by cat4life on 12 Oct 14 07:54 PM
New to site
Hi,I'm new to the site and not sure how many active people there might be in this group. I live with chronic pain from a hyper-mobility condition and degeneration of spinal discs. Deterioration of ...
by ashdene on 17 Jan 14 11:35 AM
Pain/ constipation
The only pain killer I can take is Tylenol and it does not work very well any more...Any suggestions??
by DBAADEE on 11 Sep 13 04:35 PM
Sorry forget - beside the all goodies what yoga gives: Ashtanga Yoga burn 351 Calorie and the Vinyasa does burn 594. If you are the beginner start with the Ashtanga - and when you know the moves and f ...
by SirViver on 09 Sep 13 04:25 PM

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