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Posted: 17 Jun 2013, 05:27
Hey guys, lets share our favorite meal, that we make ourselves with the recipe here. Mine is stir fry veggies with bacon or prawns.

1 slice bacon
4-5 prawns (optional)
Zucchini (one cup diced)
mushroom (one cup chopped)
beans (any beans, boiled)
onion (one small)
pepper (one)
salt (to taste)
dry herbs (seasoning)
low fat cheese (half a slice)
cayenne or paprika (to taste)
garlic (as much as you like)

in a pan add a drop of oil, tear bacon to bits and fry till crispy, take it out and put aside, add chopped onions, garlic and salt, the salt prevents it from getting burned. When soft, add the prawns and stir for a minute, add all the vegetables when prawn turns pink, stir and put the lid on, simmer for 5 mins in medium heat, stirring occasionally. When everything's cook, add the bacon bits, cheese and seasonings. Awesome dinner, low carb and nutritious. You can add as many variety of veggies as you like and substitute. Sometimes I use cabbage, cauliflower, pok choi, carrots etc, whatever is in the fridge lolzz

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