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It was a suggestion I read on one of a members journals and I thought we could give each other support and tricks on how to avoid a binge session and how to cope with the shame and disappointment that follow. You may call it a cheat day or overindulgence, but if you are worried you may fall into the trap of a binge-eating disorder, this is the place for you to share your concerns with other fellow dieters!

Prevalance of Binge eating disorder: 0.7% to 4% of the general population (NWHIC); 2-5% of adults (NIMH); 2% of adults (NIDDK); 2% adults or 1-2 million adults (NWHIC)


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Thank you
by DollyPat on 11 Nov 18 01:07 PM
I need support
by DollyPat on 11 Nov 18 01:06 PM
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Hello! I have been struggling with Binge eating for probably my whole life. I came from a poor background of neglect and often would overeat when food was available, was not taught proper portioning, how ...
by rsrechik on 30 Apr 16 11:41 AM
Join Private Online Community of BED Sufferers
Hi, everyone! I work for a small healthcare research firm (ICG) and would like to tell you about a cool opportunity to join a private online forum for binge eating and food addiction. The online com ...
by beaharlow on 24 Apr 15 10:52 AM
This bingeing thing really can have strong holds on us. I just finished my first restart week on Atkins and did binge on the 2nd and 3rd day on the Atkins candy bars but still managed to stay under 40 ...
by Corey160 on 08 Mar 15 05:17 PM

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