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Announcement: Going to ESTEP on Fort Campbell Military Base
I will be at ESTEP at 9am. Nov 10th. If anyone is intrested in meeting me and or starting a workout plan.
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started by Elderwiseowl, 9 years ago.   
Is anyone still in this group?
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started by LaToria Stanford, 2 years ago.   
:( gained 11 pounds breaks my heart need some motivation
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started by IrisGran, 3 years ago.   
Tomorrow is my new beginning
Tomorrow is when I'm starting over. I'm so sick of feeling and looking awful. I've been so depressed about my weight. So depressed that I don't even want to leave my house. I feel that ...
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started by kellyann769.   
Water Intake
Hey All, I know the norm is that you drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. But I have recently heard you are supposed to drink 1/4 to 1/2 your body weight per day. I started to do that and now ...
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started by LovelyFitnessLady.   
Tomorrow is my start date!
I have decided that tomorrow is my first day, I have done a ton of research and hope I am knowledgable enough to succeed. I want to lose 100 lbs the old fashion way. I know it's going to be a long ...
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started by Exquisitebeginnings.   
Motivation Needed!!!
I am new to this site. I started my diet last week. I struggled the first couple of days as I thought my body was going through withdrawals. After the first 3 days or so I felt awesome. I started ...
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started by keyla74, 5 years ago.   
Let's get this group moving!
Everyone introduce yourselves! My name is Maria. I'm 31 and live I'm Jersey City, NJ. Three kids have made it hard for me to lose weight and get my whole body and metabolism back. Recommitting ...
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started by MSauerbrei.   
Work issues....
I have enough problems at work (I am an Assistant Manager at Walgreens) and all of my co-workers, including my boss are all like 100pds and super skinny. They are not healthy and will admit it but their ...
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started by sillygillym, 6 years ago.   
Help in need for words of encouragment
I join fatsecret about a month ago and I decided to join a group today because I have seem to hit a stand still with my weight for the past week and it is fustrating and I decided I need some support for ...
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started by ShanMarie55.   
2Thick.........Houston, TX
I joined soooo long ago, amongst other things like Weight Watchers, the gym, etc. I have fell off them all, but I am so sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable, achy, tired, and just being too big. Im ...
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started by faxjayjon3, 6 years ago.   
hey girl, i´m new in this group... i´m about to be 22 years old and for these 22 years i´ve tried everything to lose my over weight... but it´s just rough to do it by yourself... ...
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started by nattakossio.   
Totally new!
Hi ladies! I am just looking for some friends to help keep me motivated. I am in a pregnancy group that is working on loosing baby weight but I hate being the biggest number on each weigh in!!! I need ...
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started by mommadrgn, 6 years ago.   
Hi there. I'm new here and trying to figure out the site. I stumbled across this group and thought I might join and try to find some girl power to help me through my journey. Trying to start a new ...
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started by newlifec625, 7 years ago.   
In Maryville, TN
Is there anyone in this area who would like to hit the greenbelt with me in the afternoons?
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started by HollyWade, 7 years ago.