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I have never volunteered or given money to a political candidate in my adult life, until Barock Obama. I have found that since I have been volunteering(I have gone through a leadership training in Colorado and am now the Policy Point Person for part of one of the biggest county's here!) the weight has really slid off, bc I am busy meeting people, talking to folks on the phone, canvasing (walking and knocking on doors) and NOT EATING! My energy is soaring bc I am, as Barock says, FIRED UP AND READY TO GO!

I do not want people that want to come and scream or complain about him. If you don't support him, no problem, don't vote for him, but please don't join here. Maybe you could create a McCain group instead?

What I love about Obama is he is POSITIVE and like many of us, had overcome incredible odds and speed bumps in the road. Let's come, talk about him, learn from his rocky start that we too can find peace, be positive, and change our lives (and the lives of others - bc that is what really feels the best right?). So, keep it positive, ask questions, suggest articles, and BaROCK THE SCALE, get him elected while we hit our goal weight!

One more thing - you don't have to volunteer for him if you don't have time! I did, bc that was what I felt called to do!


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by addictedkat on 16 Sep 08 04:07 AM

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