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Atkins bars???
Has anyone had luck finding the Advantage bars cheap online? I can find them pretty cheap at target but they only carry 2 types that i can have in!
2 replies, last reply by fatfree1, 7 years ago.   760 views.
started by Bubbafan247.   
New member
Hi everyone. I am new to the group and new to Atkins. I have been tying to follow rules exactly. I'm having a little trouble getting my full 20 carbs a day. I love this diet tho because I always ...
2 replies, last reply by fatfree1, 7 years ago.   657 views.
started by tobelu.   
Lost Inches but not Pounds
As is usual for me and others on Atkins, we lose inches and not pounds. For the last 2 weeks I have been on induction and lost no weight but I lost 2 inches around my waist, 1 around my hips and 1 around ...
1 reply, last reply by fatfree1, 7 years ago.   695 views.
started by sararay.   
new member
Just on my 4th day, no weight loss yet, don't know if it is too soon or if it is because I do not eat enough veggies. Staying under the carb max and within the calories, so heres hoping. I've ...
3 replies, last reply by fatfree1, 7 years ago.   428 views.
started by mcavett.   
Not new to Atkins, but just starting over once again
Hi Everyone, This is not my first time on Atkins, but I am starting in my phase 1 again. I stopped doing Atkins about 2 years ago due to my crazy schedule of being a full time Mom, Full time student ...
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started by fatfree1, 7 years ago.   
Hi everyone! I'm just starting with Atkins, but I believe its going to be a great experience. I'm looking forward to this! I've got a LOT of weight to get rid of.
2 replies, last reply by r2linda, 8 years ago.   513 views.
started by Tsistunagiska.   
Atkins is the best diet I've ever tried (new to the group)
Hi, I'm new to the group but I'm glad I found it. I've been on the diet since 2/13/11 and have lost 16 pounds. I would have lost more but there was a period of 2 weeks where I was doing a lot ...
6 replies, last reply by r2linda, 8 years ago.   881 views.
started by JustEbbie.   
Soy Slender
Does anyone not eat dairy, and drink Soy Slender?
1 reply, last reply by sararay, 8 years ago.   404 views.
started by Shari22.   
What about fruit and how many carbs daily
Can you eat fruit on Atkins,and how much carbs daily can you have
2 replies, last reply by sararay, 8 years ago.   471 views.
started by uncleeuve.   
Back to work
Hi, I'm new to your group/this web site:d and I could use some help.I'm still currently in the induction phase (doing pretty well)on day 10. I've lost about 7 lbs so far and I am loving this ...
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started by Bubbafan247, 8 years ago.   
low carb cereal...i know it's sounds like any oxymoron!
does anyone know of a low carb cereal i could eat with my unsweetened soy milk?
5 replies, last reply by Shari22, 9 years ago.   574 views.
started by jojump.   
Not losing!
Hi all, today is my 6th day on induction, and I've not lost an ounce! Will the experts out there please have a look at my food diary and give some advice?
3 replies, last reply by Theuns, 9 years ago.   448 views.
started by Theuns.   
Hi everybody!
I just joined FS a few days back and I really like it. Great way to track my wicked, carb loving, eating habit! :d I just completed my 2 weeks of induction and lost around 8 pounds. I plan on staying ...
8 replies, last reply by gg-girl, 9 years ago.   558 views.
started by bamamojo.   
Eating after 7PM
I also meant to ask in my first post how detrimental is it to eat late? Like after 7PM but before 10PM... I tend to eat late due to my job.
5 replies, last reply by AmethystM, 9 years ago.   479 views.
started by bamamojo.   
I love this!!!
Howdy folks!!! I am in week five of INDUCTION..staying here as long as I can. I absolutely love it. It is working for me, and I found foods that fit that I actually dream of. My faves so far are a ...
2 replies, last reply by Rainia, 9 years ago.   355 views.
started by rockseer.   

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