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herniated disc
Would this diet help for herniated disc of thoracic and lumber spine?Which foods should I eat/avoid?
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started by VeriHaseena.   
Pain meds
I am a newbie so need help with both diet and how to cook for one. Pain medication can help a little, but it does not take care of the inflammation! I take Tumeric daily and that does help also. I stick ...
1 reply, last reply by Dragonbladder, 8 months ago.   51 views.
started by Dancerbabe.   
Anti-inflammatory diet?
I've just joined the anti-inflammatory diet but I can't find any information on it. Can someone please direct me on how to retrieve this info. I suffer from RA, on heavy meds and would like no ...
3 replies, last reply by sunnypeg, 3 years ago.   715 views.
started by kate1959.   
Anyone out there with Rupus? (Lupus/RA combo):( If so, would love any diet tips!
1 reply, last reply by Tamsyn33, 3 years ago.   139 views.
started by jenniki.   
My name is kOnstantina, I am new to the group and to the site. I have ulcerus colitis since 2008, but I am in remission right now. I take 1600mg Asacol daily. I got the colitis after a difficult preg ...
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started by KonstantinaChry, 4 years ago.   
Anti-Inflammatory Diet - - how to?
Hello Friends and Fellow Anti-Inflammatory dieters. Today I begin - I'm starting with mostly fresh vegetable/fruit juicing and intend to avoid wheat, dairy, meat almost completely. I think I shall ...
2 replies, last reply by ehmann, 7 years ago.   534 views.
started by EatmoKale.   
Questions from a Newbie
I am new to an anti-inflammatory diet. I'd like to know ANY of the following: 1. What type of anti-inflammatory diet are you following? I'm using Idiot's Guide 2. Has following this diet ...
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started by chaeli55, 7 years ago.   
Anti-inflammatory Diet
From my research today I found these foods to be the best for a anti-inflammatory diet: Blueberries, raspberries, lemons, avocados, oranges, apples. Ginger, salads, Kale, olives, onion and leeks, bok ...
1 reply, last reply by cerobit, 8 years ago.   596 views.
started by Brittany Lani.   
I have started the Anti-Inflammatory diet
Which is similar to the MUFA and is also the Perricone diet. After a month of being off my medication, I am doing great with the severe arthritis in my knees. I would love to find some recipes for this ...
4 replies, last reply by arianek, 9 years ago.   833 views.
started by gabbyknashville.   

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