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Anybody else combining The Fast Diet with The Plant Paradox regime?
Hi folks, I have been having a lot of success with changing up what I put in my mouth (see The Plant Paradox) and combining that with The Fast Diet. Has anyone else tried this combination?
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started by SaltFree, a month ago.   
I've read about "calorie confusion" dieting
1200 one day, 2000 the next, and repeat. Is this similar to what your group is about?
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started by Jen Lines.   
what are you eating on your non fast days?
I took in 1300 calories yesterday and gained weight. I don't want this to be the type of thing that i lose on fast days and gain it all back on non fast days, i won't make any progress....I d ...
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it helps
I don't know how effective this diet is but this practiced in certain parts of the world by women for religious purposes and it does work .
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Starting Day One
Just found out about and starting an Alternate Day Diet... similar names: The Fast Diet, The 5:2 Diet, The Longevity Diet. Basic Premise is Eat normally one day and severely cut calories the next(at ...
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Also called UpDayDownDayDiet
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