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60's age with or without diabetes needing to lose 50 to over 100lbs.


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calorie count
does anyone know how to change the calorie count on food journal? mine says I can eat 1800 a day but I want to change that to 1500. How do I do it?
by clayboro on 06 Oct 16 01:35 PM
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Hi I have never ever joined an online support group. I haven't tried to diet in years since last time I tried it took me a year to lose 60 pounds with a LOT of effort and the minute I didn't try ...
by clayboro on 03 Oct 16 01:33 PM
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I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and found this web site while looking for a place I can record my meals. It appears to offer a whole lot more. I have mixed feelings about this new diagnoses ...
by pjk46 on 04 Dec 14 06:41 AM
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Mardee, congratulations!! wonderful achievement and wonderful advise.
by UjimaNell on 17 Jul 12 03:57 PM
please join
HI marryabbie, It definitely helps to have partners in the process of working toward goals. Nice to meet you here...hope to see your posts and encourage each other!
by BeachGal8 on 14 May 12 04:48 PM

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type: Common Interest
age range: >60
to lose: >100lb
location: Missouri
categories: Dieting
Medical Conditions
members: 14
administrators: maryabbie
created: 18 March 2012

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