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Posted: 25 May 2018, 12:26
I'm inviting myself in... I am losing slowly getting more wrinkly and kind of sad that I am still at this weigh game... i am more disciplined or maybe wiser because it is easier to follow a calorie count diet then ever before ...but I must admit I really find losing the same weight over and over really tedious and am not sure that even if this works slowly I won't blow up the whole process ... I have a really lousy track record.... i will say that there is a glimmer of hope now that I found this blog. I don't think I ever had honest communication in any of the dozens of programs I was in... it was rah rah or bust... I don't need a pep talk that cost me 15 or more a week ... I need to accept that I will lose weight slowly and learn to eat within a framework... so far I am not rebelling against measuring and weighing ... I am eating everything I enjoy without trigger foods...I have been avoiding eating out which was a
3x a wk habit at best and that seems to help... this weekend... there are three unpredictable food events... so my chances of maintaining what little I lost looks precarious... I have a plan and hope I don't blow it or come away feeling deprived... with 68 pounds to lose .. deprived sounds so silly but that's where I get caught ... like a 2 yr. old thinking why can't I have that everyone else can... Kind of thinking that gets me in trouble. wish me luck

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Posted: 25 May 2018, 20:55
"Lousy track record"; "overweight but 'deprived'" -- I can play those tunes in one note!

I once had 113 pounds to lose, lost 25 a year for three years, stalled, gained 20, lost 17. Right now, I'm 41 pounds from my goal, and I'm sick of playing around.

I've been planning my meals a day ahead (doing a LCHF/keto diet) and have already cut dosages of my meds and have lost 9.5 pounds and two inches from my waist. Would be more if I'd stick closer, but I'm feeling great, with almost no joint pain, not hungry, enjoying butter, and having no cravings for chocolate and sugar (my twin nemeses)!

I am going to free myself of the multiple meds I've accumulated over the past 35 years for diabetes, BP, arthritis & gout, cholesterol, and peripheral neuropathy. My driver license is up for 10-year renewal on my 65th birthday in November. I am NOT going to be stuck with a fat-face picture ID for another 10 years!

Best wishes on your journey!