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Posted: 13 Aug 2020, 16:07
Not new to trying to lose weight. I've tried a few diets and they usually work, I just kept going back to old habits and gain it back plus some. I quit trying years back but as I'm getting older the knees and back are loudly complaining, Lol. Someone recently suggested I try intermittent fasting and since I'm not a big breakfast eater anyway, I thought why not. I am retired so I've not had a real schedule in years, probably part of the problem. Anyway, I started 8/3 doing 16:8 and sticking to 1200 calories a day. I'm down 9.6 lbs in 10 days (mostly water weight I'm sure) but I feel good and I'm not starving so I'm willing to keep at it and see what happens. I don't have a big sweet tooth but I've always been a bit of a "grazer" which I'm sure is also been a lot of the problem. As far as what I am eating, just trying to stick with lean protein, fruits, veg and whole grains. I quit drinking sugary drinks years ago and usually drink only black coffee and water with an occasional cocktail. Really, this seems pretty simple. So maybe this will be something I can stick with indefinitely.

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Posted: 14 Sep 2020, 14:25
hi, i'm also a very old and long-time dieter. when i was reading your journal I thought it was my own Smile.... anyway, i wish i was retired... that is not for a few more years.... but i'm here because the knees and back (exactly what you said)... the knees and back are screaming at me.. and i have to listen or be relegated to the literal poor house as I'm just now getting my retirement lined out seriously. With any luck , 2 more years and I can seriously retire. but it will take some real commitment to my health both physically and financially. So here I am.
I hope we will be winners at losing weight!

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Posted: 07 Oct 2020, 12:09
You mentioned Intermittent Fasting (IF). I have incorporated IF in my WOE as well. I have found Dr. Jason Fung (a renal specialist in Canada) very informative about the benefits of fasting and why it aids in weight loss. I also recommend The Fasting Method website. It has over 20 sections on fasting by Dr. Fung.

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