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New to the group
Hi everyone, just turned 60 with lifetime obesity & yoyo dieting, now battling diabetes and other health issues which is scarier in these times. To halt my ever increasing volume of meds I started ...
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started by dee-lane1.   
Thank you COVID-19 House Arrest
Hello All. Since April I’ve gone up 7 pounds. Time to get really serious with this 65 yo body. Quit the gym (Don’t trust people to do the right thing), bought a recumbent bike and weights so it’s on ...
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started by captdiva.   
7.5# to next Zero Goal
I did a 42 hour fast Wednesday night til Friday morning this week. At my official weigh in this week I had a small drop. This morning my mouth is hungry. Usually black coffee helps. If I am to release ...
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started by ruthe1213.   
Happy Birthday Jesus
May we all remember what Jesus has done and is doing for us as we celebrate His birthday together.
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started by ruthe1213, 3 weeks ago.   
Weight History
I like what I see since mid September 2020. I don't like seeing the upward trend these past few days. Today I am at the beach. It's totally deserted due to the wind. I see one surfer in the water ...
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started by ruthe1213.   
Last 2 weeks have been extra hard. Have chronic neck and low back pain. Am totally disabled and basically live in my recliner or bed. Have a thyroid totally shot. Am oddly allergic to all thyroid meds. ...
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started by Davey13.   
New Member
Hello everyone, new member here. Fat Secret was recommended on HealthLine, so I downloaded the app, and here I am. Let me tell you how I got here: I am age 67, retired, 5 ft - 7 in, and as of Oct 14 w ...
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started by Maynard G.   
New to FatSecret
Not new to trying to lose weight. I've tried a few diets and they usually work, I just kept going back to old habits and gain it back plus some. I quit trying years back but as I'm getting older ...
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started by Fadedbluesky74.   
keeping on
Im 73 years old and have 100+ lbs. to lose. I've been dieting for years, some successful, some not. As you age it gets harder and I've become somewhat sedentary, not good I know. Just need helpful ...
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started by roseforyou.   
Loose it
:? Need to get serious. 56 pounds to loose.. it is so hard after 60, the weight just does not want to come off.
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started by itak1, 5 months ago.   
Self Sabotage
Been away for awhile! Super glad to be back. Have been struggling with everything lately but feel like I'm at least standing on a new path now. Just need to move forward on that path. Changes have ...
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started by AK2018ha.   
Excited about my weight loss after losing my son to suicide
I'm almost 62 (this September) and really packed on the weight after losing our son to suicide from military service related to PTSD an Traumatic Brain injury from his time in Iraq. I was already ...
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started by apothecarynurse.   
congestive heart falure
the struggle is really tough. I eat properly but that doesn't seem to matter to my heart. It's keeping my spirits up that is the worst problem. If anyone has any ideas that work I would be ...
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started by greeniii555.   
Hello, my name is James. I am 62-years old.I am 6'3" tall, and weigh 270 lb. I am setting out on my improvement path today. I am combining 18:6 intermittent fasting with Keto diet. I hope to ...
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started by jameshuffman.   
Can’t stay on track
Hello everybody. I am new to this forum but being 62 thought I might fit in since I have been working on the same 60 lb weight loss for the past 10 years! I am trying to not give myself excuses to eat ...
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started by Greatnp.   

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