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Maxine smith

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Posted: 05 Jan 2016, 17:18
hi all
have been on and off this lifestyle. when i'm on it works brilliantly and then i go back to bad habits! i love chocolate, bread, biscuits ... the list goes lost 18 lb up to 8 months ago and then it has almost all crept on - completely my fault and have no excuses. feel quite excited as i feel i am ready to do this ago. knowing this does work makes it easier. i don't normally share thoughts but feel i need some support this time round.
good luck to all of you who are going through sugar withdrawal.

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Posted: 14 Jun 2018, 08:09
Hi Maxine and all, in the same boat here, did well in 2013, then fell off and got sick and less exercise, now back on it, quick question, do any of you count your calories on you non-fast days??, I am this time around but didn't before due to the hassle and used to go a bit silly with overeating after a fast day, I seem to have quicker results by keeping my non-fast days intake lower too... but maybe too early to be sure.

also, any recommendations on lifting mood on a fast day, I find salt tabs/electrolytes make a big difference?

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Posted: 27 Jun 2018, 08:27
Hello max.heron, I re-start fasting 5:2 lifestyle this week. I take Monday-Thursday. Tomorrow will my second day this week. Long long time ago, when I do 5:2 fasting I don't know about tracking calories, so I don't count my calories. For this time around, I do it, because it keep me on track, I know how many I eat and how many calories I burned.

For lifting mood on fast day, I don't know such thing, so I can't give some advice.. Good luck for your fasting day. Some update will be great, because if this group more active it will be more better for all of us Smile
If you keep yo yoing it’s because you have not realized that the diet is forever. You forever have to be mindful of what you eat.

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Posted: 07 Aug 2020, 22:01
Hi there, I too did this diet several years ago successfully. Then I decided to do Intermittent Fasting instead, with first food of the day being a late lunch. Just this year the weight is creeping up again, so I’m going to start 5:2 again. How are you all going?

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