Group Forum: Can someone explain how the 5:2 lifestyle works

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Posted: 29 Jul 2014, 15:20
I don't understand the fasting, do you go on a complete fast for two days , without any food, just water? I did something like this about 20 years ago, where on the two days you had water and you could have coffee, is this like that.

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Posted: 08 Aug 2014, 06:38
Hi Karen

It is usually 500 or 600 calories over a 24 hour period for 2 days of the week. Most people make their 24 hours a day eg Mondays and Thursdays .... some people do midday to midday - whatever works best for you. You can drink any drinks you like so long as you count the calories.
It isn't a real fast as you can eat but 500 calories is a minimal amount so you will feel hungry until your body is used to "fasting".
Good Luck!
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Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 16:11
There's lots of good information on their website

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Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 16:19
Check your E-Mail.
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Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 22:37
Thank you I registered on their website.

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Posted: 09 Jan 2015, 00:34
the 2 fasting days must not be consecutive days either, and try to stay within your RDI on your feed days, don't think because you have had 2 'lite' days of calories you can go all out, you can't.

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Posted: 09 Jan 2015, 15:46
And for those new to fasting, at first it may be difficult and if you can't make it the full time, that's ok. Just stretch your fasting time the next time you fast. I went from feeling hungry and foggy to having a curbed appetite and lots of energy/mental focus. Fasting because easier with time because of an enzyme (??) that's created as a result of fasting. I wish I could find the article that explains this better. If I find, I'll post.

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Posted: 09 Jan 2015, 15:49
Found it!

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