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Posted: 12 Jul 2011, 04:56
My name is Sally from the UK, I'm 52, I've got Asperger's and I'm menopausal. I put on a stone after giving up cigarettes in March. Also since my dog died last June I haven't been doing so much exercise. I can no longer fit into my Kevlar motorcycle pants so I have to lose weight as they cost over £100 a pair! I've always been a (UK)size 8 since my teens and wish to stay that way so I've started doing 10 mins exercise every morning and cut out the cake and sugar laden desserts that I love so much. Also I'm getting a new dog soon (first I've got to puppy-proof my garden to make sure the dog can't knock my beehives over!) so that'll get me out and about more. I live in the countryside and there is nowhere to walk to so if you walk without a dog you look a bit strange. Hope to make some friends here and share tips and hopefully stay motivated!
I never eat more cake than I can lift