Group Forum: may i join? i'm 74, but act & feel much younger.

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Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 10:48
just joined because i realize i need to keep better tabs on what i'm eating. started atkins in july, weighing 123 pounds, wanting to lose 8. i lost 6 rather quickly & thought i was maintaining, but the pounds are returning & i don't know why. i'm very active & work out regularly. thought i was sticking to the straight & narrow, but obviously not. people on the atkins forum suggested fatsecret, so here i am. and, there's no forum for the likes of me. hope i'm welcome here.


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Posted: 15 Nov 2010, 11:34
Of course, you are welcome here. I love this site, because it helped me be accountable for what I was actually eating. I've lost about 21 pounds, and am now working on losing a little more fat and gaining muscle mass.

I added the BodyBugg to my life-style change a couple of months ago. What I found was that I was grossly over-estimating the calories I was burning during the day (as reported by the gym equipment). Although I don't have a lot to lose now, I do want to keep track of what I'm burning and make sure that I have a decent deficit every day.

I also use a food scale to measure ALL of my food. Serving sizes are too easy to manipulate otherwise Wink Just my two cents worth of advice. Have a great day!

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Posted: 16 Nov 2010, 15:49
thank you sunshine! nice of you to respond. good luck in your efforts.