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Posted: 09 Aug 2016, 11:46
I get uneasy when I read folks pointing to a certain food source as the "cause' of their weight issues. I don't doubt their experiences but I wonder about their conclusions of fact. When our bodies are damaged they react to many foods we put in them. It may not be "natural" reaction as sickness makes the body adapt and attempt to survive. As with all things, healing takes time and care. I have to remind myself of that alot, whether it is about my body or my mind. It depends on what my goal is, for what I need to take heed of. Sometimes things are messy before they get better...the natural sorting out process.

In my simple reasoning, if we did not desire sugar or grains, I figure we would not put them in our mouths...and our desire is not just about being "addicted" to chemicals or processed items, but what our body wants.

I remember stories of people "rescued" in the concentration camps of WWII who were fed rations by troops eager to help. Because the food was so foreign to their bodies, some died from eating. How sad that their bodies could not accept what was natural and necessary for life.

In my own experience I have seen that processed sugar stalls me but it is calories in general that bloat me up. If I am without carbs however I do not feel satisfied. If I deprive long enough I lose hunger as my body seems to shuts down desire. But I go back, and sometimes with a vengeance. So I have to find a happy medium, a balance.

On a high protein diet I may feel the burn of fat loss, but underlying it I feel sickly and my brain does not process well. I feel better on carbs and fruits and veggies and beans.

Sometimes calories alone do not dictate loss for me, as my body is older, I have medical stressors, I am on medications, and my fitness level changes my muscle/fat ratio. All this lends to the complexity of how I react to what I put in it. What I experience today is not what I experienced a few year ago. What changed? What didn't change?

Each of us have different body experiences, but it seems we share a common reality of bodies damaged and the need to walk a path towards better health and self care. Those paths are varied. It should be difficult to trust "diets" and "specialists" as there is underlying agendas that are more sophisticated than I am. The way I see it, each of us has the responsibility to seek out facts that may support or may negate our beliefs in order to gain knowledge and perspective. My experience changes when my mind is more open and inquisitive.