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Posted: 02 Jun 2015, 10:38
I have been stuck at the same weight the last 2 months even getting my exercising in almost daily. The last 9 pounds have been a bugger to lose. I stopped the snacking at night and that hasn't helped even. I don't want to starve myself but it's getting frustrating.

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Posted: 09 Jul 2015, 03:48
i m similar with just 4 lbs to go, been stuck here for months, ive tried stopping alcohol, thats made no difference, my exercise is up, I am guessing the weight is in the muscle rather than fat? I can understand your frustrations

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Posted: 30 Aug 2015, 18:34
Stick with it. The last 10 are the hardest. I struggles for a yr.trying to get to my goal. I found out I wasn't eating enough. You have to eat to lose. I know it sounds crazy but its true. I belong to Weight Watchers. I started eating more and lost a lb. a week for 7 weeks in a row and finally reached goal. I'm now 12 lbs.under goal and right where I should be. I'm only 4'9 at 111 lbs and staying there for a year now. I have now upped my exercise.I do a core strengthening class and I sure that's why I'm holding my weight. I can actually eat more than I did when I was not at goal. Good luck

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Posted: 09 Aug 2016, 09:26
You supportive reference is helpful to me right now. Vacillating a pound or two above goal weight, and cant seem to break it. Decided to go maintenance at pound above, but would like to break it down. Thinking my body is just going to hold it. May plan to set structure to do so knowing strategies from experience. Some of it has been muscle gain, noticed by me, my massage therapist and friends, family, so the trade off has been good. Funny how the scale has power. lol

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Posted: 25 Jan 2017, 11:03
Is anybody out there!?