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Summer Clothes for my new body in work
Okay... pretty new to site and new to group... but just had to share the following. January 2010 started at 208.8 and now 1.5 yrs later I am 157.5 and today I passed the true test of summer clothes... ...
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started by goodcarla.   
Wow! I'm in menapause and I'm watching everying I eat but the pounds seem to be adding up. Any advice on how to keep them off without killing myself? I exercise, but I'm not going to sta ...
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started by Ski Bunny.   
My name is Sally from the UK, I'm 52, I've got Asperger's and I'm menopausal. I put on a stone after giving up cigarettes in March. Also since my dog died last June I haven't been ...
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started by Songbird11, 7 years ago.   
menapause -weight gain
I have been trying for 3 months,eating healthy,going to the gym 5 days a week, and I can't seem to budge any of these 10 lbs.I put on.I am so confused and frustrated!Does anyone have any advice?
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started by Avoid.   
So I am heading to the Dominician Republic on Feb 27th. Excited as I'll be spending it with my husband, two of my sons AND MY SISTER! Girl time yay! I'm not expecting perfection! I've ...
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started by gillian56.   
Last 10 by June 2011
With fatsecret's motivational groups such as this, what's to lose? Why those last what could've been 10 pounds rather than 8 pounds had I not cast out those delicious 'whale' crackers ...
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started by dare4liberty, 7 years ago.   
new member
Hi everyone! I am new here and just trying to lose about 8 lbs. I am drinking a protein shake for breakfast and one for lunch and then a sensible meal for dinner. Works out to about 1500 to 1600 cal. a ...
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started by ninjazrx, 7 years ago.   
Cool technology!
Am I the only one out there to be amazed by the technology between my phone and this site? I thought I would have to connect them each day to sync up everything I've entered from either my phone or ...
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started by barblynn.   
Just joined today
I lost about 15 pounds several years ago but now I'm back where I started, so I decided to try a new online program that I can also use on my phone. Any feedback from others is welcome!
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started by barblynn, 7 years ago.   
Losing weight in your 50s
I'm 54 and want to get to 190 lbs. I started at 218 about 8 weeks ago, and I am now down to 198, so it's the home stretch. It's getting harder and harder to get any weight to come off.
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started by GT327.   
may i join? i'm 74, but act & feel much younger.
just joined because i realize i need to keep better tabs on what i'm eating. started atkins in july, weighing 123 pounds, wanting to lose 8. i lost 6 rather quickly & thought i was maintaining, ...
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started by theladyupstairs.   
Grit your teeth girls and do it!
I am 59 in March and lost 20 lbs 18 months ago but put on 5 lbs since i stopped smoking in May. I have lost 3 lbs with 2 to go this week. My fat secret is to weigh everything and have my main meal at ...
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started by jennybc.   
Almost 60 and almost there!
Just found this group this morning, and am pleased to find a group that shares the "my body is slowing down as I get older" syndrom. I'm 59 and have lost 58 lbs. in the past 19 months t ...
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started by jvehling, 8 years ago.   
54 yrs old and all I want to lose is 10 pounds
hey, everyone. Welcome to this club,huh? I have been struggling to lose about 10 pounds for several months. I will lose a little , then gain it back. But I am not giving up because I know if I do I ...
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started by Baylon, 8 years ago.   
Just Joined
I just found this site, I've been struggling with weight gain over the last year.
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started by vap2010, 8 years ago.