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just keeps going up!
I have slowly crept up from the 10 lbs to lose to now over 15. the harder I try, the less I lose - the more I exercise the less I lose. It feels like I am not winning and very frustrating. Will keep ...
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started by kasemac.   
It used to be much easier
I could eat anything when I was young and just burned it off... Over the past few years the pounds have just crept on, and mostly seem to be in my belly and thighs. I know it's not healthy. My BMI ...
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started by BmoreJane, 6 years ago.   
last 10 pounds
Now that it is down to 10 pounds to go, seems so HARD to make a difference...have to eat so much less and/or exercise SO much more! exhausting...
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started by newattitude.   
those last few pounds!
Wow, I am four pounds away from goal but it seems as though it is impossible to get there! I go up a pound and then down a pound, its driving me crazy!!Plus there are so many sugar laden treats in my ...
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started by debbily.   
Hello Out There!
I have joined some other groups on FS, and so far, have not heard from anybody on the group, so maybe I was doing something wrong - maybe I should submit a post and see if anybody responds! My name is ...
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54 and can not lose weight
Hey, Anybody, I am 54 yrs old. I am active, I exercise and I am having hell losing 8-10 pounds. I will lose a few pounds , then gain it right back. Any suggestions? I do find I do better sticking with ...
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started by Baylon.   
55 and trying to get in Shape!!
Well this is the hardest time I have ever had in trying to loose weight! I just joined this site today and am hoping it will help! I always have been active and used to walk outdoors 3 days a week for ...
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started by cadiwack.   
Hi, I am new here!Doing the stone to go challenge and am having good results so far. First week I am down 2lbs. Yay!:d So I just found this group and thought that I would give it a try. I mean a person ...
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started by debbily, 6 years ago.   
Been there done that
I am 51 and have been battling to loose weight for the last 8 years. Since I started counting carbs (I am diabetic) I have lost almost 5kgs in weight. I have not changed my exercise regime only conce ...
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started by mari.dodi47.   
Why I joined
I am 57 and have been trying to lose weight ever since I hit 50. It seems that I gain about 2 lbs a year no matter what I do. I give up on every seeing 115 again but I would like to weigh 125. We are ...
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started by Cnders.   
I've been on this site for about a month; I am also on SparksPeople. Found FatSecret app for my Droid and with the bar code interface it makes tracking my daily intake (calories) much much easier. ...
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started by MSgt2242.   
With Thanksgiving on the horizon and Christmas close, I'm sure there will be lots of times when we'll be tempted to eat too much or all the wrong foods.
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started by Frances D Rayburn, 7 years ago.   
10 pound challenge
I, too am in menopause, and last year was an extremely stressful year for me, and as a result I gained 10 pounds. I have been trying to get it off!!! However, I lose 2 gain 1, lose 1 gain 2. I workout ...
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started by Lena Goldman.   
Have almost lost the 10 pounds!
I'm so excited. My home scale shows I'm almost down to the target I was aiming for. (The scale at the gym shows a higher number, but still a drop.) I had almost given up, thinking the stomach ...
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started by LEKelly.   
Meno.....pause weight
Hi I would like to lose 10 lbs This does seem to be a Problem for many of us...after Menopause...I also seem to have terrible fatigue to fight which I never had before...
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started by Jamierk.