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Posted: 24 Jul 2019, 10:27
I debated a while as to whether to join in the FS community, but could use a little moral support and some folks to talk to so I don't drive the non-dieting people in my life nuts.

I hesitated because I used to be on MyFitnessPal, and it got a little weird. Someone told me I had to weigh my lettuce. Get a grip.

Although I wouldn't call it a diet for me in the sense of going on something to lose weight, then going back to normal life. I'm a firm believer in what Dr. Yoni Freedhoff (look him up) says that you shouldn't do anything to lose the weight that you're not willing to do to maintain the loss.

I was inspired by my husband. He's a few years older than me and retired young. We love to hike, etc. I was always a little concerned that by the time I retired, he might be physically less able to do the things we love. He retired, lost 30 pounds, and skis and mountain bikes like a fiend now. I became worried that I'D be the one who couldn't keep up.

I believe in moderation and sanity and eating my body weight in fruits and veggies. My diet is probably somewhere hovering between the USDA guidelines, the Mediterranean diet, and the Mayo diet. I also work in the occasional treat (I make a mean pie crust) without the slightest bit of guilt.

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Posted: 09 Aug 2019, 09:00
I agree, I haven't eliminated some foods so much as reduced them or have them once a month instead of once a week or every day. As my dh says: "eat what you always eat just not as much" " You want to eat pizza, eat pizza, but not the whole pizza, 2 slices. "
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Posted: 12 Sep 2019, 08:23
I've just made minor changes to what I eat, portion sizes, not as many deserts and sweets, more water no sodas, and am seeing pretty good results. Down 12 pounds in three weeks. It's not hard just don't understand why I was so lazy about it before. But on the right track now and it's easier when you actually start seeing results.

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