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Posted: 02 Jan 2019, 14:18
Hello everyone. I've just downloaded the Fat Secret app and am also new to this group. I'm looking for a little help. I love how easy it is to add the calories for an item to the diary using the search function. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to directly enter a calorie amount, for example, if I am eating something that I have a recipe for and the nutrition info is included. Let's say I am eating a muffin that I know is 200 calories - how do I enter that directly into the food diary?

I'm looking forward to exploring this app and getting to know this group. Cheers!

Miss Fitzy

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Posted: 19 Jun 2019, 13:46
I have the same trouble. I have just been looking at the list and finding ways to make it count 200. example..A 400 calorie muffin; I use 1/2 or .5. Sometimes I find other brands I can use to reach the 200 calorie. Trouble with that is I am not sure all the other values are comparable. Fat, sodium, protein, fiber etc. I am new also so I hope you get a reply from better learned memebers.

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Posted: 24 Jul 2019, 10:41
I'm new, too, but have dealt with that. My feeling on the counting is to be accurate enough to be effective, but not so much that it makes you crazy. We cook a lot from scratch and rarely use actual recipes, but a lot of times I'll look for something that's close enough. For example, my husband makes our hummus. I know it's less salty and probably has less fat than commercial hummus, but I just enter a standard hummus to track and figure it's close enough. When in doubt, I try to overestimate where calories, fat, and salt are concerned.

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