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I'm back too!
I did the Medical Weight Loss and it didn't work; did the WW thing and it didn't work. I know it is me not working. But I know I must find where I am going astray. I know I eat too much and I do ...
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started by SusanEmma, 2 days ago.   
Good Morning!
So I'm new to FS just as of this morning. I'm in my late 50s and looking to lose 40-50 lbs. I've done this before of course. I just can't believe I allowed myself to gain it all back ...
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started by Gypsy Marie.   
New to group
I debated a while as to whether to join in the FS community, but could use a little moral support and some folks to talk to so I don't drive the non-dieting people in my life nuts. I hesitated be ...
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started by writingwyoming2.   
I'm back! Found fatsecret again!
Nothing like another fresh start, eh? :) Update, I've been checking my BG levels on my own for the past yearish, as the Dr's here seem unconcerned, say it's normal. I've been in pre- ...
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started by rainbowkishz.   
Dang old people
I realize this is a group of 50+ but we're not dead yet. Just joined this group today and reading the posts I see people introducing themselves as new members, and nobody takes the time to reply or ...
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started by TCam2222, a week ago.   
doing it with my spouse
I have found that my husband and I enable each other and thus make bad food choices! We did Keto back in 2016 and both easily hit our goal weights! fast forward to 2019 and I have packed on 30 lbs and ...
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started by Kelly Stephens.   
Hello all
Does anyone know how to log in 2 spritz's of olive oil. I used .1 of a tablespoon because I could not find it in my search.
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started by Miss Fitzy.   
New to the app and the group - help!
Hello everyone. I've just downloaded the Fat Secret app and am also new to this group. I'm looking for a little help. I love how easy it is to add the calories for an item to the diary using ...
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started by SweetCaroline66.   
Looking for Support & Accountability
Hello! My name is Tina and I found this website and joined this group hoping to find others like me who need additional support and encouragement. I have seen and read a lot of posts, but not too many ...
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started by egemes2019.   
Down and Up
It takes time to figure out why my weight loss stalls and then goes back up. I am hanging in there
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started by SusanEmma, 3 months ago.   
New to fatsecret
Just joined today. Trying to lose 30 pounds to get me under 200. Have been using Lose It! for a full year. Looking to expand my network with new information and some new friends.
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started by DianeBusch, 3 months ago.   
loads of weight to loose
Just joined this forum and am on my second day of healthy eating hopefully I can do as well as everyone here but I have got 80lbs to loose but here's hoping ................
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started by gailevans1.   
new to fatsecret and this forum!
Happy Tuesday! I have been on FS now for a week and really enjoy the posts and people that are in this forum. My goals are to shed 45 pounds and become healthier in mind and body. I want to fall in ...
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started by Imvubu, 3 months ago.   
New to fatsecret
I lost 5 pounds in two weeks and need to loose 45 more.. Trying to get in some exercise this week
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started by julcof, 4 months ago.   
first day. need help
Started today and new to fatsecret and dieting. I need to lose 40 pounds and I am disabled so exercise is minimal with many days that I don't walk at all and days I spend in bed. Kidney disease and ...
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started by Cattymom, 4 months ago.   

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