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A group for people in their 50's to support each other as we try and lose between 10-25 pounds. Through healthy eating and exercise lets encourage each other to achieve our goal weight.


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Aging out of the group...
Just about to hit 60. I haven't posted much. I'm on my 4th weight loss to target since my dad died in 2011. But I set an easier target this time :) Hoping I can maintain finally, just a bit inside ...
by rogershsv on 27 Aug 20 01:25 PM
eating in the evening
Eating in the evening is likely adding to your total daily intake. I try to avoid it by brushing my teeth by seven pm.
by natashyawithawhy on 30 May 20 11:09 AM
New Member Intro
Hi Tracycoffin, I only use Wild Alaskan Salmon oil supplements to build my heart and brain with Omega 3's.
by Orly Girl on 09 Feb 20 11:09 AM
Complete Novice
I had never dieted as well. I used the excuse that I'd probably end up a yoyo dieter so why bother, lol! I have the time now, kids are away in college, more free time and balance. I've been ...
by Orly Girl on 09 Feb 20 11:06 AM
Told to lose 10% and lower cholesterol and triglycerides
Hi Redporchlady, I'm still here! I've lost 38 pounds since May, I've been maintaining my weight in the high 140 range lately. I still get the occasional cheese/cheesecake,chocolate cravings, ...
by Orly Girl on 09 Feb 20 11:01 AM

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type: Common Interest
age range: 50-59
to lose: 10-25lb
category: Dieting
members: 2612
created: 27 July 2008

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