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need a buddy
Anyone in this group willing to buddy up with me for support and inspiration and communicate weekly or so?
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Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone
That's cool! SuppVersity:
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In May I'll be graduating from this group. Who knew that when I was an awkward poor-body-image teen who flirted with anorexia then shot up to 200 lbs in my 20's that I'd still be worrying ...
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Revive the Group
Anyone in this group want to revive it? Last year at this time I had achieved my goal weight of 150. Then I fell off the wagon and ate ice cream and drank gin and tonics all summer and by January I was ...
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Trying to Maintain when traveling
I am visiting my daughter and her family, and eating healthy is a problem here -- I have lost 33 lbs in the past year and just want to stay here -- however, I feel less in control when I am not at home ...
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every day matters
I just joined the Every Day Matters challenge. It looks ideal for maintainers.
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Where is everybody??????
Why is it that all the groups I look at seem to be old and members are no longer here? How does one go about taking a group over as the moderator and an effort to get it going again?
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joined a gym
I joined a gym - first time ever. I joined because they were giving away free months as a promotion. I love it. I don't like the change of weather so I can't get my vigorous exericise - wal ...
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Yard Work
I just bought a house recently in the foothills of the Cascade Range above Seattle, and I am finding that yard work it really keeping me in shape. There may be some additional factors contributing to it. ...
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