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Posted: 29 Aug 2017, 11:55
I decided to use this tool to stay focus on my goals. I'm not so sure about it, but I'll give it a try.

2 years ago I was in my best fitness status ever: 140 lbs with 18% fat, eating paleo 80/20 and training crossfit 2 days a week, krav maga training 1 day per week and 3 days per week of weighlifting training.

Then I had some personal issues and lost too many weight and too fast.
I was 115 lbs with no diet and no training. Something was wrong.

I had a lot of blood tests and all and started a medical treatment.
Finally I gained weight.

But now its too much. I'm 150 lbs, maybe 35% fat, I lost all my fitness on this 1 year without consistent excercise... and the struggle is real when it comes to diet.

I never liked diets or restrictions. Specially on fats and proteins. Thats why ketosis and paleo worked fantastic and fast on me and I got wonderful results.

But there is a dark secret on ketosis protocole I didnt think about: Our body fat storage also contains all the chemicals we couldn't eliminate by urin and heces.

When your body start using those fat storages to get energy, those chemicals are released into your metabolism too. In my case, I had several exposure to chemicals years ago and that was the reason I got sick even when I was so fitness at the same time.

Today I need to try something less agressive, but less fast ans effective and that discourage me a little (and less pleasant I must say).

Yeah I'm a Crossfit L1 trainer, a nutrition specialist and an artisan cooker... It's even more embarrasing for me to be over weighted.

So... I'll be posting. Any advice on vegetarian protocoles are welcome. I'm not vegetarian, but I'll be on a spiritual fasting season with no meat for 7 months.

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