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Good morning everyone! I just joined this group today. I have been on and off FatSecret for a while. I go through phases where I'm on and recording often, then I don't check in for a while. I ...
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started by macbenz2002, 2 years ago.   
Suggestion for Healthy Snacks
I let myself indulge in a variety of snacks(approx 150 calories a day), hey gotta live a little:badgrin: . If you have any good suggestions, let me know:lol: . My current list Roasted Seaweed Snacks/ ...
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started by Tinana_k, 2 years ago.   
Could anybody tell me when is a good time to weigh myself?
I seem to vary 4lbs within one day.
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started by No Spring Chicken.   
Nutritionist and crossfit trainer overweighted - My story
I decided to use this tool to stay focus on my goals. I'm not so sure about it, but I'll give it a try. 2 years ago I was in my best fitness status ever: 140 lbs with 18% fat, eating paleo 80/20 ...
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started by HadassahRuiz, 3 years ago.   
can't lose weight!
I started the Atkins diet two weeks ago and even though I am counting my net carb intake and eating according to the Atkins plan, I am still not losing weight. I do intense zumba 3 times a week, eat h ...
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started by cool_heaven.   
The plan diet
OK FS on my quest to figure out nutrition I am constantly researching and you tubing lol. I was watching a tv show and Lyn genet was discussing the anti diet. OK the zillionth diet on the market but I ...
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started by carmel023, 5 years ago.   
:) Dear Friends , am a new joinee.... Am planning to reduce minimum 8 kgs ...i already started my work outs for 1 month and dropped 2.5 kg... i had diet control + daily vigorous work out session... ...
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started by Padmamani, 6 years ago.   
Daily intake/Calorie Breakdown
Is this healthy? Not sure if I should be achieving other percentages? Calorie Breakdown: Carbohydrate (42%) Fat (36%) Protein (22%)
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started by No Spring Chicken.   
finally doing it!
my husband and I and our two boys have decided to do a spartan race in the summer. I figure if that doesn't get me to the gym nothing will. So far I've lost 8.2 pounds and now that I'm so ...
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started by natleblanc21.   
Hard to stay motivated
I usually enjoy exercise but I've been in a slump for about a week now. i just finished a 30 day squat challenge - the results were really amazing - but now all I want to do is absolutely nothing ...
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started by Tapuwa.   
new year new start
F Well I'm hoping I can do this, I am 33 yrs old finally passed my plateau of 135. I am happy to say that I am 7 pounds away from my 15year old pre baby weight (yes I was a teen mom) so this year I ...
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started by bbddesiree.   
Damn those pills!
Hi everyone,i started taking birth control pills and they made me gain like 10 pounds and i'm hating it! i decided to use another method of birth control and now i'm having a hard time losing ...
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started by hebzo.   
Seems I cannot lose more!!!
I just want lo look as last year... why is SOOO hard to lose those 10???
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started by PepelynA.   
Doing right, so what 's wrong with scale
Help. I lost lot of weight the right way with diet & exercise and even surpassed my goal weight. Problem is, weight is creeping back up. I admit that when my schedule picked up for about 4 months, ...
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started by tese.   
Trying to develop better habits
Hi I just joined because I am tired of yo-yo dieting. I have trouble w portion control. When I like something it's hard for me to stop. And when I'm dieting I'm obsessed with food and thinking ...
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started by Graciepoo1020.   

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