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Cheat Days
Does anyone allow a cheat day??? I have currently lost 130 lbs. and have 65 to go but have not been able to keep myself encouraged latley. I do usually have a cheat day or two but it seems when I do I ...
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started by Sasha Ordaz.   
Group Newbie
Hi. I'm new to joining a group for losing weight, but it seems that I can't keep up with my exercise, and weight loss on my own so I'm trying this now. Hopefully, this will support me some ...
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I reached my first main goal!!!
48" Jeans! Woot!
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New Color on the Weight Loss History!
So, I've lost 33 lbs since July, and 28 lbs since August when I recalibrated my FS "diet" goals (I had at least 87 to lose to start, and now with 54 overall to go). For the first time I ...
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no weight loss???? what?
I have been counting calories consistently for 2-3 mos. I stay at 1200 calories and exercise. How does my weight go up/down? I don't understand, I can't plateau already I've only lost 4#. I ...
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Nutritional Cleansing!!!
Hey all! I just had to share, I am so excited about this system. I've lost 37 pounds since April with nutritional cleansing and I feel AMAZING. It's not a colon or kidney cleanse or a laxative, ...
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*update again* Mini-goal 3 reached!!!
*scroll down to latest update!* So 30 days ago today I was a tight 58" bordering on 60" trouser... :( :( :( I knew a while ago I had gone past the 56" barrier. Today I tried on a pair ...
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Good luck to everyone.
Hey all. I'm not quite as social on this site as I'd like to be, but just stopping by to wish everyone the best of luck in their weight loss endeavors. The 90 pounds I've lost so far leaves ...
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Mother of 2...HELP!
Hi! I just joined FS and I am feeling a bit anxious. I have tried to loose weight most of my adult life. I have a 9 yr old and a brand new baby. I'm working full time and find it near impossible ...
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I have lost motivation and I dont know why
It has been a whole month since I logged in and weighed myself and I don't know what has happened. I have lost motivation to exercise to control my eating and I don't know why. My wife thinks that ...
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Friendly Competition
Hi all, Is anyone out there motivated by a little friendly competition? I'm looking for some one who is serious about losing weight and would like to "compete" with me to stay motivated. ...
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Hello Everyone!
I am new to this group and to fatsecret! I am determined to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today starts my journey I am taking full responsibility over the things that I put into my body ...
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New to fastsecret!
I am new to fatsecret and am looking forward to cheering others on and sharing a journey to a smaller me!:)
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started by Tanjop.   
It can be done!
It's been 9 months, and I've lost over 50 pounds now. If anybody out there is discouraged, just remember that however hard it seems, if I can do it, anybody can.
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Just turned 30
I just turned 30 last month. And I swore that I was not going to be this big when the day came. But I could never get motivated enough to loss weight. But no more. I am doing what I have to do in order ...
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