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Just getting started...
I am 33, first day of my lifetime change....want to lose 110 pounds.
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started by sjkpoetic, 5 years ago.   
New to this group.
I'm starting small so I listed 24lbs to lose, but my true weight loss goal is 64lbs. It's a lot but I've done it before and I can do it again!
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started by Dneeda, 5 years ago.   
I am desperate
Hi all, I am new and i am on my 20th attempt to loose weight. I need help, motivation and willpower. I know exactly what i need to do, but my willpower never seems stay with me
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started by suemc57.   
Logging Activity--How do you log calisthenics and weight lifting?
Hi all! I'm new to the group, but an off and on user of FS for a while. I want to see how you guys record calisthenics like pushups or pull ups or bicep curls, etc. I do them in sets, and there ...
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started by mighty shuffler.   
Hey all! I'm 34, 5'0" and 187 lbs. I am starting a challenge tomorrow called: 30 Pounds Down by 2014. I would love some company from people in my age range and with similar weight goals! .... ...
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started by brussel sprout.   
Anyone in Hampton/Fayette, GA area on this forum?
Hi! Anyone close to me on this forum? I'd like to possibly consider meeting informally if anyone is interested. I have a 17 month old that I want to raise healthy so that means I have got to conquer ...
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started by mashmor, 5 years ago.   
If they talk about one portion is x amount of calories, how much would that portion be in grams?
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started by Anniepatat.   
New year's resolutions
Hi there, You probably think-what New year? Well I'm jewish, and our newyear starts in 4 days-so my resolution for this year is to lose about 10-15kg as I reach my 40th birthday at the end of Janu ...
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started by IritBenarye, 5 years ago.   
Bad Scale ! :X
Anyone else had their results sabotaged by a bad scale? My scale seems to be totally inaccurate and fluctuates a lot (in the 5 lbs range) making it hard to tell if I lost any weight, and even what my real ...
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started by Aranniel.   
new to fatsecret
hai pls help me to reduce weight along with u alls support friends kindly accept me to ur group:!:
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started by ASHOK KANNA K.   
new and commited
im 33 yrs old doctor weighting 183 lbs , my target weight is 121 ,hope i can achieve that before 2014
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started by amirarushdy.   
Just turned 30
I just joined this site and have recently started my journey over. I am setting my goal to lose 80lbs!! here I go!!:shock:
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started by Lanielou30.   
Start of a new day
I started my journey for a healthy lifestyle this week, after going months of inactivity and I had a wake up call when I stepped on the scale. My goals are to lose over 70lbs, learn to make more healthy ...
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started by Healthy Diva76.   
Back again!!
Hi all!! I'm starting my diet and exercise again. I've been off the site for a year or so. I just had my 4th baby (9 weeks ago) and I'm ready to get on it! I know what I'm supposed ...
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started by DandiMae.   
New to the Group!!
I am new to the Group, I am a 39yr old female looking to lose 60lbs. I am married and have 3 teenagers. I am looking for some people to connect with to help motivate each other. Look me up.
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started by Jomomma.