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why ám i not seeing results?
Ive been on herbalife for 3 weeks. I just seëm to lose 100g or 200g. Per week. I eat healthy and about 5 Times a day. Why am i not seeing results?
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Working on success...
I just turned 36 years old. At the beginning of summer, I topped out at 209 pounds (I'm 5'6"). I had enough. I went on the Paleo diet and worked out to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred AND I ...
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getting there, one pound at a time!
hey guys i've got a stubborn 75 pounds i got to lose. It's hard work, but i'm gonna do it.;)
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weighing in...
do you weigh in weekly or daily on fatsecret?? trying to get a feel for what others do...
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Increase the protein intake
I hit a wall in my weight lose my dr tells me I need more protein intake. Does anyone have meal ideas that can help cuz I have the sleeve done so my food intake is very limited.
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90lbs by this time next year
Hi guys, so i didn't start a new diet on the 2nd of January this year i began a life change... i understand the concept of eating healthy, caloric intake, nutritional intake but in all honesty i have ...
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started by Ukescuba.   
Hi everyone!! I have just joined the group for support. I would like to lose 77lb (35kg) by the end of the year. Hope I can find support from the group and hopefully be of support back!!
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New Beginning
Hi everyone ... I am joined this site years ago but fell off track and am starting new. So I feel new here and this seemed like a good group to join. Just looking for some support for the journey.
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started by chryssm, 4 years ago.   
healthy new year
This year is my goal to eat better, healthier, and smaller portions. I keep almonds, and white cheddar cheese popcorn at my desk and when I get tempted I grab a few to stop me from over eatting at lunch. ...
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started by Nellito, 4 years ago.   
Lets not WAIT
Hello ALL! I'm sure with the New Year swiftly approaching many of us may have let ourselves go and allow a few extra cookies and cakes in our diets! I am GUILTY. Just wanted to kick-start the p ...
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started by 1Fat2Fit, 4 years ago.   
Doing good
I am 38 I have lost 49lbs . I live in the South were food is fried and cooked with pork. I have reduced my consumption of fried food and pork and feel a lot better. I didn't gain holiday eating ...
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started by NewRon2, 4 years ago.   
Hi, Im jumpstarting my mission of losing this weight for once and for all by beginning my journey BEFORE the New Year. Of course, every year I begin but every year I don't weigh in this heavy. I ...
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started by 1Fat2Fit, 4 years ago.   
new member
hi all , i am 32 french livin in the uk , i am slowly beating my eating disorder , no coming back , feel free to chat :)
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new member
Hi I am just starting this program and would like to lose 60 lbs I need all the help I can get:d
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new member
Hi 35 want to lose 100
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