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(almost) Unlimited foods.
I am absolutely stuffed tonight, thanks to what can only be described as sheer greed. :) The culprit being 805g of Butternut squash, I roasted with a spray (well 10) of Frylight. The plan was to roast ...
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Will you be my boot camp Sargent?
I am looking for a few people to keep track of what I do. I really need someone who is willing to yell at me if I get sloppy. I would love to return the favor. Only one of my friends is willing to do this ...
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Need some motivation!!!!
Hi everyone I'm 31 and weigh 216:? My sister and I have just decided enough is enough and were ready to get serious about losing weight!! I just received my Insanity workout videos we are going to ...
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What your weight goal
Hey everyone, im 33 I weight 219, i want to lose about 70 pounds to reach my "first" goal weight of 150 so lets go!!! :d
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Just joined
Hi All! I'm Jen and I have 98lbs to lose. I've had 2 babies in two years and that added a lot of pounds!
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Below 250!!!
Wooo Hooo!!! I have lost 20 pounds since Mother's Day!! My end goal is 155 so I am now officially needing to lose less than a hundred pounds!!! I am so excited!! :)
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Happy Monday! VERY happy indeed!
My first week is complete and I lost 8 pounds. Whoot! While I know that is exceptional and definitely not a trend that is likely to continue at such a high rate, it is significant. I feel it helped ...
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Loss of Nutritional Value in Food
I Recently learned that we are really challenged when we try to eat healthy by eating our regular fruits and vegetables. Our fruits and veggies just dont feed us the same way as the used to 20 years ago ...
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Food replacement & bulking out tips...
I'm sure we all have little tips where we either bulk something out with something far less calorific or replace one thing entirely for the same effect. Here are a few of mine! What are yours? _ ...
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new to fatsecret!
Hi all, I have just discovered this site and this is my first group post. I look forward to getting to know some of you and learning how to take best advantage of what the site has to offer :) Any tips ...
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I Scream. You Scream. We all Scream Ice Cream?
Anyone tried any of these yet? Anxious to find out if any of these recipes are worth giving it a go...
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Struggling Against Cravings
I am 30 and on a crash diet. It is doctor approved and I am taking regular blood tests and the like, so no health worries. My cravings are getting worse. After 3 weeks they are not my stomach screaming ...
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stick to it
Hi I'm 34 and I have lost 30 lbs. since Jan. 16 '12. Its hard but stickin' to it and its paying off.
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Lactating mom trying to lose that baby fat
I'm 33 and would like to lose a minimum of 47 pounds to get myself into the healthy weight range. I'm still breastfeeding my 15-month old baby and I'm eating a crazy number of calories. ( ...
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started by maurabwade, 6 years ago.   
I really (really) need to know how people stay motivated. I stay on track a few days, maybe a week, have an off day and basically undo all the weight I've lost. I used to have no problem staying ...
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