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Posted: 14 Jan 2017, 16:03
I saw this online and I thought I'd try it out. I've dealt with being overweight all my life until 6 years ago I finally got it under control I got down to 119 Lbs. 2 years ago ended up with serious lung problems and have to have lung surgery at the age of 33 they had to take part of my left lung. Sorry to make a long story short did ok until about 8 months ago I rapidly started gaining weight unexpectedly nothing had changed in my life - not my eating habit, work and I even joined a gym with a personal trainer. I have tried every diet there is and nothing has worked. So I thought maybe some support could help. Thank you for hearing my story. Good luck to everyone

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Posted: 03 Oct 2017, 13:10
Good luck. Thank u
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